The annual IEEE Conference on Games (IEEE CoG) seeks to be the premier venue for technical, scientific, and engineering work on video games, board games, and other types of games. Games offer a fantastic domain for computational creativity, game design, technology, education, social sciences and, undoubtedly, artificial and computational intelligence. IEEE CoG is a venue to discuss recent advances and explore future directions.

IEEE CoG 2023 will take place at Northeastern University, which is located in Boston in the United States. 

Important Deadlines:
Competitions and tutorial proposal: 27th February 2023
Submission of full technical papers: 17th March 2023
Submission of auxiliary (competition, vision, and demo) papers: 14th May 2023
Submission of the camera-ready version of full technical papers: 28th May 2023
Games industry presentation proposals: 11th June 2023
Journal paper presentation proposals: 11th June 2023
Academic presentation proposals: 11th June 2023
Submission of the camera-ready version of auxiliary papers: 25th June 2023